Uji Noni Terhadap Perkembangan Aterosklerotik

PENGARUH PEMBERIAN EKSTRAK MENGKUDU (Morinda citrifolia) TERHADAP KADAR LIPID DAN PERKEMBANGAN LESI ATEROSKLEROTIK PADA AORTA ABDOMINALIS TIKUS WISTAR (The Effects ofDietaryMorinda Citrifolia Extract on The Lipid Serum Levels and The Progression of Abdominal Aortic Atherosclerotic' Lesions of Wistar)

PENELITIAN EKSPERIMENTAL LABORATORIK (A laboratory experimental study). Masters thesis, Program Pendidikan Pasca sarjana Universitas Diponegoro.

Oktaviyanti, Ika Kustiyah (2003)


Background : Morinda citrifolia (Mc) which has been used for anti atherogenic agent, has no significant background, but there was only some empiric data and case study. This study was aimed to prove the effects of Mc to the serum lipid profile and inhibiting of abdominal aortic wall-thickness progression of Wistar.

Method : The randomized post-test control group was chosen as a research design. The object of the study was 28 Wistar, divided into 7 groups. All of the groups were treated differently. Group I treated with standard diet; Group II, 111,IVV VI and VII injected by 0,006 mg adrenaline on the first day, followed by daily egg yolk dietary on the dm days. Group IV V VI and VII followed by 50 mg/day Mc. On the day 15th groups I and II were terminated, otherwise group IV and VI were terminated on the day366 and group III, V and VII wens, terminated on the day 57m. Each group was examined the lipid profile, foam cells and the thickness of abdominal aortic wall were measured Data were analyzed by Univariate Analysis, Kruskal-Wallis and Man-Whitney test for differentiation, followed with Spearman correlations test.

Results: the study showed that mean of LDL in group III was the lowest (84.5+15.34) than control and other treated group. The mean offbam cells in group VII was the lowest (23.5+22.05), among other groups, and in group III was higer(135.75+49.76) than other treated group. The mean percentages of the aortic wall thickness in group VII was the lowest (46.88+18.75) among control and other treated group. Conclusion : The Mc dietary had a slight decreasing effect of LDL and triglyceride, and increasing HDL in Hypercholesterolemic condition, The Mc dietary also decreased the foam cells and the abdominal aortic thickness of wistar. There was not significantly difference on lipid profile, foam cells and abdominal aortic thickness in 3 and 6 weeks of Mc extract administratio, but there are the trends of decreased on 6 weeks.

There was significantly difference in total cholesterol, LDL, HDL in Mc extract dietary plus egg yolk group, compared to the group that had no egg yolk dietary, as well as there was any decreasing-trend in foam cell, and the abdominal aortic wall thickness.

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